In your daily routine, you have so many things to do that you surely forget many, no matter how important they are. Let’s say you have a friendly black and white border collie dog that accompanies you every afternoon on your walks to relax.

You love him very much, but if it’s not because the store and vet where you bought his kibbles a month ago calls you on a Saturday at noon, you almost miss the date for his vaccinations. Luckily they have you in their database to update you!

Perhaps that is the reason why you decide to…

Today I am going to talk to you about what the newborn baby needs to sleep safely. How to dress the winter crib, how many blankets a baby needs, what clothes the baby should sleep in, or if he should buy a sleeping bag for the newborn are doubts that I also had but now I have clear.

Buy Kids clothing

If you prefer, you can see in this video (newer than the post) where I also tell you how to make the crib without danger for the baby:

You may have already heard that in the first months the…

It is true that in our country we have suffered the fat drop to properly handle Shakespeare’s language, but there are still certain pitfalls that we find difficult to overcome

Spaniards have collided time and again with the wall of foreign languages. Due to the fact that for a long time language learning was not especially valued (and much less English), we have dragged an inferiority complex that causes us to have a hard time launching ourselves to speak in English, even if it is okay to make mistakes. But what is it about English that makes it so complicated…

Learn how to solve basic photography problems faced by both novice and veteran photographers. Every photographer makes mistakes when taking photos. Here are some tips for identifying and solving common problems that novice photographers may encounter.

Crooked horizon

You are in position, ready to photograph a beautiful sunset. But in all the excitement you forgot to check that the horizon is level, so the resulting photos are all lopsided.

There is an easy way to fix a crooked horizon. …

Article from

Mickael Mosse — Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert, the founder of “” and manager of the Terrifico Capital fund, explained the differences between security, utility, and equity tokens

The following text is an extract from the book “” by the author Mickael Mosse

A currency (the dollar or the euro, for example) can function as a store of value and a medium of exchange, but a token can do many other things. […] There are differences between cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens, although they are quite subtle indeed. The important thing for the investor is that in both it…

the article was written By Mickael Mosse — Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert

Depending on the country, the states, and their laws, your representative office must have certain authorizations. The easiest way to work is in countries that officially allow btw Bitcoin as a means of payment. Probably Estonia or even Malta.

Belarus has already legalized cryptocurrency, only time shows us how it affects the industry. Iceland and France are known for the extremely low cost of electricity, which is why the cost of mining is incredibly low. Venezuela and other South American countries, as well as some US states, are…

Hi, I am Mickael Mosse Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert. In this post, we are going to see what a “crypto wallet” is, how it works, what types of wallets exist, how to configure it, and if you followed me there, maybe you will get your first bitcoins!

What is a crypto wallet?

According to Mickael Mosse, A crypto wallet is a technological device (it can be software, hardware, or even a piece of paper) where we store cryptocurrencies. The most widely used means to store cryptocurrencies are through software, either an app on our smartphone or a program running on…

Advertising has become an essential tool for all types of companies: large, small, and medium. Also, in the new world, the digital world, things have changed a bit, and, for the machinery to be properly greased and everything to work properly, digital marketing strategies must be developed.

Digital marketing is a relatively new medium and it operates in an environment that is constantly changing. Investments in digital marketing are often a sensitive issue for companies due to a false sense of insecurity regarding the return they can obtain from them.

What are digital marketing strategies?

However, in a highly competitive market such as the Internet…

If you are already determined to start your construction business, you must bear in mind that one of the most important aspects to start any company is to secure financial resources. Fortunately, there are many options for your idea to materialize. In this article, InQmatic presents you with several options so that you can get loans from practically scratch.

One of the most challenging aspects of starting any business is securing the financing to power it. Getting a loan for a business that wants to grow requires developing a good strategy because at this point your business does not yet…

Before you start designing, the most important thing is to understand how a kitchen is going to be used. This is the basic approach that any architect has to do. Because the kitchen cannot be the excess space or simply a space that will be defined at the end of the project; You have to understand that it has flowed, different work areas and that must be carried out within the general project.

Beyond the style or design required by the client, it is important to define a certain modulation that allows optimizing its performance and thus minimizing the manufacturing…

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